Dave MacVicar is a Canadian fine art photographer who currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.

Dave discovered his passion for photography when he purchased his first camera for the sole purpose of filming a music video. Dave always had an interest in studying photography, and with camera now in hand, his curiosity led him outdoors where he began photographing his surroundings. During this period of learning the technical aspects of photography and experimenting with different styles, Dave found himself drawn to the intimacy of landscape photography.

With landscapes and seascapes as his primary focus, Dave’s fascination with symmetry and minimalism began to impact the evolution of his work. Traditional landscape photographs were eventually replaced by long exposure black and white images that are free of any unnecessary distractions. This style of photograph has become a signature part of Dave’s current work. In addition to his recognizable landscape and seascape images, Dave has also been focused on abstract architecture photography. Many of Dave’s images have received international recognition and have garnered awards in several international competitions.

Whether he’s revisiting a familiar location minutes from home or exploring new territories abroad, Dave’s commitment to making great photographs is relentless.