Large Format Fine Art Prints

Original limited edition large format fine art prints are available for selected images on this site. Large format availability can be found next to each image title. If you would like to purchase a large format print, please contact Dave for pricing, print availability, shipping fees and any other print related enquiries. Note: Each Limited Edition includes one artist proof, one show print and one copy for charitable donation.

Available Mounting Options:

Chromogenic print on Kodak Professional Endura premium matte paper, mounted between choice of DibondĀ® or black plexiglass backing and choice of clear plexiglass or protective pro luster laminate coating on front. All large format prints come complete with an aluminum float mount hanging mechanism. Each print is numbered, hand signed on the back, and ready to hang.

Available Sizes:

24″x24″ | Edition of 15
32″x32″ | Edition of 10
40″x40″ | Edition of 10

16″x32″ | Edition of 15
24″x48″ | Edition of 10
30″x60″ | Edition of 10